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Family concerts & schools’ workshops

Bergamasca create truly unique concerts for young audiences. They demonstrate a large number of early instruments and explain the technique and history behind them in a friendly and entertaining way. Specially chosen pieces are short and characterful to bring alive the fascinating music from Medieval, Renaissance and Baroque periods. Each item involves a different combination of their weird and wonderful wind and string instruments. Here is the visually and aurally stunning collection!

Viol family from tiny treble to the 7-string bass

Recorder family from miniscule garklein flötlein to 6ft great bass

Baroque flute

Baroque bassoon




Baroque guitar




Pipe & tabor

Medieval bagpipes


Glastonbury pipe

Historical dance workshops

Frances is very experienced in leading Historical Dance and Music workshops for participants of all ages and abilities, including those with special needs. These can focus on Tudor, or Renaissance, and Baroque periods. In the 16th and 17thcenturies dancing was considered an essential part of anyone’s education, especially at court, and children as young as six years old were expected to be able to perform quite complex dances. The Tudor workshop will include a stately Pavane and a lively Branle. The Baroque workshop can be tailored towards the elements of the Instrumental Suite, including a minuet, bouree and chaconne or follow a Restoration theme concentrating on the dances loved by Charles II and recorded in the books of John Playford and the diaries of Samuel Pepys.

"The pupils were full of questions and thrilled to experience such a broad repertoire of music on such a variety of instruments."
"I was just expecting them to play one instrument each, but they all played lots of different ones amazingly well."
"Old music can be seriously cool."