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Bergamasca brings together three talented instrumentalists who have dedicated their lives to early music. Their impressive collection of wind and string instruments is used to create fascinating programmes where variety is always a key element. Bergamasca’s repertoire span the entire baroque era from the experimental pieces of the early 17th century to the spirited sonatas by major late baroque masters. The rich sonority of French dance suites is followed by uplifting divisions accompanied by a groovy ground bass.

The players’ friendly and informative verbal introductions provide audiences with a wealth of knowledge about their beautiful, handcrafted instruments and the history behind them. Hearing Bergamasca play the sumptuous music of the 17th and 18th centuries, takes you back to the splendour of the Baroque and leaves you feeling inspired!

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"A mesmerised audience was transported back in time to the courts of Charles II and Louis XIV with virtuoso performances of baroque music along with detailed explanations of musical life in Stuart times, and how each instrument was made."